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Scaling & Polishing: FAQs Answered

Hello, friends of Excel Dental!

Here’s the question for the day: if you do an annual health checkup for your body, why not do the same for your dental system too?

Especially when it’s not expensive at all! Scaling and polishing at Excel Dental typically costs less than S$100.

If you’re already convinced on the price, click here to make a booking now! Or, you can read on to find out what’s encompassed in our scaling & polishing service:

01 Scaling & Polishing

Our dentists use scaling to get to the hard-to-reach areas and remove the accumulated plaque stuck in there. Then, polishing involves smoothing the tooth’s surface to give it some protection and a brighter & more lively appearance for your entire teeth!

02 Topical Fluoride

Fluoride is applied on the tooth’s surface to prevent tooth decay. After doing scaling & polishing, our dentists will help you apply fluoride gel on your teeth, which takes just a minute, helping you fight tooth decay!

03 Dental Consultation

After the session, our dentists will have a light-hearted discussion with you regarding any dental concerns you have. We will also share any potential early signs that are spotted during the session and advice you accordingly.

There’s no better time to take action for the sake of better dental health:


If you’re a more pictures person, here’s some graphics for you:

*Do note that relevant and prevailing T&Cs apply.

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