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Excel Dental Services: Teeth Whitening @ S$388*

Dear all, our Teeth Whitening Package is going at S$388 (excl. GST). It includes the following: a consultation & examination session (where our dentists will do a mold for you), a set of whitening gels, tooth mousse, and a customised home bleaching tray!

So, if you are looking to do tooth whitening in Singapore, come visit Excel Dental today! Simply call us or book an appointment through WhatsApp using the button on this website.

Some frequently-asked questions (FAQs):

Is the process safe? Certainly it is! Rest assure that all products used by Excel Dental are completely safe and non-acidic, ensuring no harm is caused to your tooth structure. Additionally, professional teeth whitening treatments are designed such that they don’t harm the enamel of your teeth. So there’s no need to be concerned or worried about any potential damage!

Will whitening cause sensitive teeth? Following the session, you may experience a temporary increase in tooth sensitivity. This occurs because the teeth undergo temporary dehydration. However, after the 24-hour period and once the teeth are rehydrated, this sensitivity should fade away.

What dietary recommendations should I follow after undergoing teeth whitening? During the initial 48 hours after the treatment, it is advisable to steer clear of consuming dark staining food and drinks. This includes extremely hot or cold items, red wine, and coloured beverages.

Book your appointment today!

To set an appointment to do up your teeth whitening, just call us or message us on WhatsApp by using the button on this website!

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